Vehicle Storage

Rockford Storage offers storage and parking for various vehicles including motorcycles, automobiles, recreational vehicles, work or storage trailers, and boats on trailers. You can choose from outdoor parking, covered parking, and inside storage for vehicles that can fit in a space.

Before choosing your space…

Please be sure to measure your vehicle before selecting!

Prepare My Vehicle for Rockford Self Storage

There are many benefits to using Rockford Storage for your indoor auto, classic car, truck, boat and RV storage whether you need to free up space, prevent winter damage, extend a vacation, or depart for a distant job, vacation or military deployment. Wisdom suggests selecting a dark and dry place to prevent harmful corrosive elements and sun damage.

Before putting any car or boat into Rockford Storage, some preparation is required.

  • Service your oil and filter, antifreeze, as well power steering, transmission and brake fluid. Professional services will ensure no leakage violates your tenancy.
  • Run your car’s gas tank down to less than 1/16 of a tank (this side of “E”) after which add a fuel stabilization product such as Sta-Bil or Pri-G to slow gas deterioration.
  • Set your Air Conditioning (if so equipped) to “recirculate” closing the vehicle’s HVAC ducts, Then close all windows and roof vents.
  • Vacuum, Clean and Dust your vehicle.
  • Remove Battery from car and place in trunk preventing corrosive battery acids from escaping to damage car.
  • Wrap a piece of saran wrap (plastic wrap) around the windshield wiper blades preventing deterioration.
  • Remove any perishable food items. Failure to do so will attract rodents and pests to your vehicle.
  • Use a weatherproof car cover.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your title, registration and insurance to complete your Rockford Storage contract.

Most compact or economy vehicles will occupy a space roughly fifteen feet long. Classic cars, trucks, SUV’s, Boats and RV’s typically occupy a space at least twenty feet long.

Depending on how long you intend to store the car, you may want to file an affidavit of non-use with the motor vehicle department (State Motor Vehicle Service) to stop registration fee accrual.

Ultimately, vehicles are meant to be used, but if attended to as detailed above, vehicles enjoy both long and short term security at Rockford Self Storage.